The Concept of Socially Sustainable Autonomous Eco-Communities

The book is a methodological guide for organizers of autonomous, self-sustaining eco-communities, created with the intention to become socially sustainable for many centuries, in the form of eco-settlements located in the natural environment, anywhere in the world, which can form clusters in the interaction. In its essence, this is the creation of a fundamentally different organization of social life, different from the current one, which exists in cities and villages.

Sustainable Civilizations

A General Critical Theory Based on the Innate Values of Homo Sapiens

An Introduction to Planetary Management
By Daniel Raphael, Ph

Several Critical Theories exist under the umbrella of this General Critical Theory that are based on the innate values of Homo sapiens. One of those is a unified theory of human motivation, and another is a unified normative theory of ethics both of which are described in the text.
This paper presents a General Critical Theory without arguing for its existence, as it is a natural development of the seven innate values of our species. These values and their characteristics are also described early in the text to help the reader grasp their significance from parenting to the development of ethical Artificial Intelligence programs.


Introduction - Machiventa Melchizedek:

These questions and answers allow you to have a Celestial point of view on your current ways of doing your water management. I warned you about the urgency of action and gave you some ideas to make changes happen quickly, because the urgency to act is there at your doorstep. We are with you ready to help you and you will know new ways of doing in the near future. Your future steps will be co-creative with us as we are here to help you access new ways to manage your life-saving resources responsibly. This scribe made it possible to bring out our point of view on this important aspect which is the Management of the planetary water and nutrition and through it you have a document that reflects our point of view.

Machiventa Melchizedek

Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations

Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations offers citizens the means to design and create the basic social institutions of the family, finance and the economy, public education, health care, justice, and the democratic process so they support the sustainable social existence of democratic nations into the centuries and millennia ahead.

-  Part 1, “The Mechanics for Creating Socially Sustainable Democratic Nations,” provides the reader with an understanding of the necessary elements that support the culture of peace and sustainable social existence. Note: Readers may also wish to read UNDERSTANDING Social Sustainability to gain a full awareness of the concepts of “social sustainability.” Available here at the author’s website.

-  Part 2, “Designing Socially Sustaining Social Institutions and Organizations” describes the moral and ethical standards social institutions will need to attain in order for nations to survive and achieve peace. Caution: Readers will experience a heightened level of cultural and social dissonance while reading Part 2.

-  Part 3, “Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations” The greatness of democratic nations began with local citizens, and this is the process for restoring the greatness of democratic nations today. The author is very confident that ingenious citizens who use these step-by-step procedures, plus advanced Internet technologies, will cut through the bickering mess of state and national politics, and confront an incompetent national leader.

Planetary changes

Machiventa Melchizedek – via Michel Levasseur, September 2017

Machiventa Melchizedek here and we have produced this document which is the most complete summary of the expected planetary changes and tribulations affecting your planet over the next 25 to 30 years. The data disclosed to you will be fairly accurate, but some forecasts may be somewhat different from actual events as to when or how they occur. This is due to a real probability factor, but also an unknown factor that can take place in the movement of tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions and the movements of oceans.
First, it is of great value to mention that the global changes forecast in this document are expected to begin in late 2017 or early 2018 and are expected to continue for a period of 25 to 30 years. So, in the years of 2040 to 2050 the main planetary changes will have been brought to an end and a very great terrestrial stability will settle down thereafter which will last for the next 1,000 years. It is very unlikely that additional changes will occur at the end of these planetary changes.
This document is produced for the purpose of enabling the entire population of this planet to be informed about the changes that will take place in the future so that it can use these predictions as a basis upon which to prepare.