BIO: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Daniel Raphael is an independent original thinker who does not work for, associated, or affiliated with any organization. He is a Viet Nam veteran; with 18 years experience working in adult felony criminal corrections; father of three and grandfather of four children; former volunteer fireman, small business owner, inventor, and manufacturer of a household sewing machine product; self-taught theologian, ethicist, and holistic life coach; principal of Daniel Raphael Consulting since 2003; and author and publisher of numerous books, papers, and articles. Daniel enjoys public speaking and has taught social sustainability and spirituality classes and workshops nationally and internationally and is well prepared to enlighten and entertain you.


Bachelor of Science, With Distinction, (Sociology).
   Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.
Master of Science in Education
   (Educationally and Culturally Disadvantaged),
   Western Oregon University, Monmouth, Oregon.
Doctor of Philosophy (Spiritual Metaphysics),
   University of Metaphysics, Sedona, Arizona.
Masters Dissertation: A Loving-God Theology
   Doctoral Dissertation: A Pre-Creation Theology

Writer, Author, Publisher
(1992) The Development of Public Policy and the Next Step of Democracy for the 21st Century, NBHCo.
(1992) Developing A Personal, Loving-God Theology, NBHCo
(1999) Sacred Relationships, A Guide to Authentic Loving, Origin Press [OOP] Available from the author.
(2002) What Was God Thinking?!, Infinity Press ISBN 0-9712663-0-1 or from the author.
(2007) Global Sustainability and Planetary Management
(2014) Healing a Broken World, Origin Press [OOP]
●    (2014) Social Sustainability Design Team Process
(2015) Social Sustainability HANDBOOK for Community-Builders, Infinity Press
●    (2016) The Progressive’s Handbook for Reframing Democratic Values
●    (2016) Organic Morality: Answering the Critically Important Moral Questions of the 3rd Millennium
●    (2017) Designing Socially Sustainable Democratic Societies
●    (2017) A Theology for New Thought Spirituality
●    (2017) God For All Religions — Re-Inventing Christianity and the Christian Church —

●    (2017) God For All Children, and Grandchildren
●    (2017) Centers for Sustainable Families and the Millennium Families Program
●    (2018) The Values God Gave Us
●    (2018) UNDERSTANDING Social Sustainability
●    (2017) Pour Comprendre la Viabilité Sociale
●    (2017) Entendiendo La Sostenibilidad Social
●    (2018) Making Sense of Ethics — A Unique, Unified Normative Theory of Ethics, Values, and Morality
●    (2018) Answering the Moral and Ethical Confusion of Uninvited Immigrants
●    (2018) Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations — A Radically Conservative and Liberal Approach
●    (2018) Artificial Intelligence, A Protocol for Setting Moral and Ethical Operational Standards
●    (2019)    Sustainable Civilizations, A General Critical Theory Based on the Innate Values of Homo Sapiens
●    (2019)    Seven Innate Human Values — The Basis for Consistent Ethical Decision-Making

●    = Available as a PDF document at the site (Link)

Contact Information:    Daniel Raphael, PhD
Daniel Raphael Consulting ● Social Sustainability Leadership Training and Consulting
● Cell: + 1 303 641 1115 ● PO Box 2408, Evergreen, CO 80437 USA