The Blue Print

The intention of the text is to provide a blue print for the development of moral and ethical solutions that address the cascade of crises that have not only begun but will eventually intensify, broaden, and become global cataclysms. That sounds like bad news, doesn’t it? It is particularly bad news if no one knows how to then create moral and ethical humanitarian solutions before those crises multiply. It is particularly disturbing to contemplate the collapse of democratic societies. Yet, no precautions have been or are now being built into our social, democratic, and economic structures to prevent such from happening, and worse there are no policies in place to rebuild what will be destroyed.

After this Introduction, the book opens with Chapter 1, Answering the Moral and Ethical Confusion of Uninvited Immigrants, (p. 19). Its placement before Part 1 is intentional to help the reader grasp the magnitude of what is ahead, particularly for developed democratic nations. It describes the humanitarian crises that have erupted as a result of the massive human migration from Africa and the Middle East into Europe beginning circa 2015.

It is positioned to shock readers into the awareness of what societies will look like when they do not have a set of timeless and universal values, morality, and ethics to unify and guide their decision-making to develop moral and ethical options to crises that explode into humanitarian cataclysms.

NOTE: Major portions of Chapter 1 was taken from several papers that I published separately over the course of the last several years. Duplications will be obvious in the following chapters as some of the same material is replicated there.