The book is a methodological guide for organizers of autonomous, self-sustaining eco-communities, created with the intention to become socially sustainable for many centuries, in the form of eco-settlements located in the natural environment, anywhere in the world, which can form clusters in the interaction. In its essence, this is the creation of a fundamentally different organization of social life, different from the current one, which exists in cities and villages. The book covers the solution of almost all issues in the life of autonomous eco-communities ― social, economic, financial, spiritual, religious, philosophical, moral and others. Creating a new social environment is of equal relevance for all categories of the population, from the poor to the super-rich, applicable to the entire world society.

The new organization of life can provide an opportunity to avoid economic and financial crises, weather and climatic cataclysms, systematically improve one’s quality of life, and contribute to growth in the development of the internal potential of each person, doing so on an equal basis.

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