The book presents you with a fundamentally new way of life - social survival, which is socially sustainable for many centuries, where it is possible to solve the problems of the modern world: social, economic, financial, spiritual, religious, philosophical, moral, geo-climatic and any others. This way of life is significantly different from modern when people live separately in megacities, cities and rural areas. To implement this plan, a set of seven basic human values and moral criteria, a methodology and tools for making decisions in any difficult situations are presented. A new form of social life is an autonomous, self-sustaining eco-community, which is a legal entity, as an organization / company, where its products are social services to its employees, the solution of all life support issues, or in general -- social survival. This kind of organized environment is relevant for all categories of the population, from poor to super-rich, for the entire world society, in the current conditions of unfolding weather and social cataclysms on the planet.

The book is a guide for organizers and ordinary members of the emerging autonomous eco-communities, in the form of eco-settlements that can be located anywhere in the world, and then form clusters for joint interaction. The new organization of life opens up opportunities for communities and societies to be financially and socially sustainable, not only during economic, financial and other crises of the world around them, but also to consistently increase their level of quality of life, and contribute to the growth of the internal potential of each person, doing this on an equal basis.

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