The author proposes that Homo sapiens have unconsciously made decisions based on seven innate values that have resulted in not only the survival of the species for over 200,000 years, but that those values have also brought about a thriving existence of the species.

Because we know that values always underlie all decisions, it would be immensely helpful to identify the values that supported the decision-making that has sustained the survival of the species. Identifying those values would give social scientists the capability to predict with greater certainty the behavior of individuals and groups of individuals.

The author offers the values, illustrated below, are innate to humans and always have been. The inference is that they are embedded in the DNA of Homo sapiens.

Seven Values have Sustained Our Species' Survival

If this is true then those values would exhibit characteristics that support this proposition.

The proof of the existence of these values would be evident in two forms: as evidenced by specific markers in specific genes, and/or present by statistical proof of behavior in all humans.

These values, as motivators of human behavior, would also be evident in the archeological and cultural history of human societies.
If all of what the author has proposed is proven to be true, then the truths of these seven values could be applied to the design and policies related to all organizations of all types and purposes related to all social institutions, whether social, political, economic, and the democratic process in order to support the existence and survival of democratic societies.

NOTE: At this time, the genetic location of each of these values has not been discovered to prove the existence of these values, but neither can the seven values be proven not to exist.