Making Sense of Ethics

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A Unique, Unified Normative Theory of Ethics,
Morality, and Values

By Daniel Raphael, Ph

— opus unius hominis vitae —

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● (p. 9) “Because we know that values always underlie all decision-making, logically a set of fundamental values underlie decisions to enact ethical principles. To make the decision to exercise any of the ethical principles mentioned above, [fairness, justice, integrity, respect, loyalty, truth, trust, accountability, responsibility, and being transparent, authentic, and honest,] then what values underlie ethical decision-making? Those will be discussed in the first chapter.

● (p. 21) “Until now morality and ethics have never been tied to anything more substantial than someone’s opinion about “right and wrong” and how we ought to behave.

● (p. 11) “The combination of the seven values and their characteristics provide the foundation for the development of a logically integrated proactive morality and ethic.

● (p. 24) “From our own personal experience, as well as our conclusions made from historical records, we know that these values are innate to our being — and not learned.

● (p. 59) “Because the values and their characteristics are universal and innate to our species, the morality and ethics of these values extends of every person, and by extension to every organization on the planet.

● (p. 15) “Together, the seven values provide us with a unified, values-based theory of human motivation.

● (p. 55) “A proactive morality and ethic sees each individual as a “social asset” whose contributions to organizations ensure that society becomes socially sustainable, and organization’s contribution to the individual supports their growth to make that contribution.

● (p. 41) “The ‘rules’ that sustain social existence are the morality and ethics that develop out of the logical relationship of the seven values and their mutual characteristics.

● (p. 27) “Equality is the pivotal innate value of proactive morality.

● (p. 34) “Just as “equality” is the pivotal value for all proactive morality and ethics, “empathy” demonstrates the pivotal evidence of our humanness and humanity to others….

● (p. 60) “Fatally, organizations are not socially sustainable because they do not have the four primary values embedded into their “organizational DNA” as they are in our DNA.”