Times to come

Machiventa Melchizedek – via Michel Levasseur, September 2017


Machiventa Melchizedek here and we have produced this document which is the most complete summary of the expected planetary changes and tribulations affecting your planet over the next 25 to 30 years.

The data disclosed to you will be fairly accurate, but some forecasts may be somewhat different from actual events as to when or how they occur. This is due to a real probability factor, but also an unknown factor that can take place in the movement of tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions and the movements of oceans.

First, it is of great value to mention that the global changes forecast in this document are expected to begin in late 2017 or early 2018 and are expected to continue for a period of 25 to 30 years. So, in the years of 2040 to 2050 the main planetary changes will have been brought to an end and a very great terrestrial stability will settle down thereafter which will last for the next 1,000 years. It is very unlikely that additional changes will occur at the end of these planetary changes.

This document is produced for the purpose of enabling the entire population of this planet to be informed about the changes that will take place in the future so that it can use these predictions as a basis upon which to prepare.

Before I explain the future global changes to come, we want to advise you to immediately prepare for these changes by storing a 15-day supply of food and water for you and each member of your family as the normal means of supply and distribution will be inaccessible. Another important recommendation is to set aside a sufficient amount of fuel for your vehicle to allow you to leave your home on short notice. By observing these guidelines you will be able to cope with unforeseen and sudden situations allowing either your survival until the arrival of emergency assistance or the evacuation to a safe location.

We inform you that a website will be set up and this website will be accessible in several languages. It will aim to transmit the global changes in real time as well as the transmission of alerts for the populations of the regions that will be caused to change. This site will also provide all the necessary information on the help that will be offered for the main regions and the various great value directives will be promulgated.

This site will describe the planned global changes in the major regions in each of the mainland as well as the approximate dates that these changes should occur. When necessary or when required local evacuation notices will be given to you in your media. It may be that these notices leave you little time to evacuate and this is the reason why it is imperative that you prepare in advance.
Lastly, these planetary changes have become necessary in order to release as much heat as has accumulated in the core of the planet and the current situation requires immediate intervention. We also have to move the different tectonic plates so that they can move in a parallel way unlike their common displacement.


The changes that will happen in North America will be caused by the movement of the tectonic plates of North America, the Pacific, the Cocos plate and the Caribbean plate.

United States


Much of the West Coast of California will be submerged a great distance inland and only a few Coastal Islands will remain visible. West Coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego, among others, will only be remembered as these cities and many more will be swallowed up in the Pacific Ocean.

There will be tsunamis of unprecedented magnitude on the Pacific West Coast and these tsunamis will be caused by the movement of the tectonic plates of North America and the Pacific, and these movements will be devastating for the population living on these shores up to 10 and 15 miles inland. We believe these changes should occur between 2019 and 2021.

We are advising the population living in these areas to plan to leave this very high-risk area as soon as possible and to move to the central part of the United States or the Eastern Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern Zone or in the states of New England, because all these areas will be safer during the changes to come.

Regarding the State of Alaska, we are warning you that this area is located within the Pacific Ring of Fire and a very active rift will soon become even more active with our forecasts indicating that these changes will begin in 2018 and continue into 2020. Much of Alaska will be swallowed up under the sea. Already in 2018, there will be huge earthquakes that will occur at a steady pace and many volcanoes in this area will be very active.

 As with the people of the West Coast of California, we recommend this population to leave this area as soon as possible because you will be hard hit by high intensity earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Now, there are large volcanoes all along the West Coast that are part of the area called the Pacific Ring of Fire and these volcanoes will erupt soon. These eruptions will continue for many years. While the vast majority of these volcanoes are very active there will be some with less intense levels of eruption.

However, the most famous and dangerous volcano of all is the Yellowstone Volcano in the state of Wyoming. Its caldera of 34 miles by 45 miles makes it one of the largest volcanoes on the planet.

This volcano will be very active and according to our estimates, it should erupt in mid-2018. We believe that any population between 100 and 125 miles from the center of the volcano will be in real danger. During this major eruption, there will be a thick cloud of ash that will cloud the sky over much of North America and this cloud will persist for a long time.

The population at the present moment living in this very high-risk area should move quickly to seek refuge and establish themselves in the safest areas mentioned previously.

East and Bahamas

The East Coast of the United States, from the state of Florida to the state of Virginia will be greatly affected by strong tsunamis. We anticipate that part of South Florida including the Keys will be swallowed up in full. The Bahamian Islands for the vast majority will also be swallowed up under the Atlantic Ocean.
The coastal areas of the East Coast will be permanently submerged for several miles but not more than 15 miles inland; land beyond this risk zone will remain dry and in its current state.

The coastline of the central-eastern part from the Carolina’s up to New York State will also be affected by tsunamis and the rising waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but they will be affected by events of less magnitude than the states further south.The land in this area will move and cause damage never experienced in the past. The cities of New York and other cities in this region will be greatly affected and a very large part of New York City will be submerged for a long time.

The coastline of the central-eastern part from the State of South Carolina up to New York State will also be affected by tsunamis and the rising waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but they will be affected by events of less magnitude than the states further south.

The coastal zone of the New England states will also be very affected by huge tsunamis and earthquakes even if this region is not known for this kind of cataclysm. The majority of the coastal areas of these states will be permanently amputated several miles by the rising waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

We believe that the central inland portion and the Appalachian Mountain regions of these states will be safe areas as a whole because it should not have much damage as a result of global changes.

South Central

The coastal states of the Gulf of Mexico will see parts of their coasts disappear under water during the movements of the Tectonic Plates.

The location of the state of Louisiana is problematic in its lowest area and more specifically in the entire region of New Orleans since much of this region is below sea level and this region will definitely be submerged under water.

The center of the United States will be affected by earthquakes and cataclysms and volcanic eruptions from volcanoes unknown to you but which will appear and erupt in areas of smaller population. For the vast majority of states in the central United States, this area remains safe despite the anticipated disasters.

North and Great Lakes Region

Most northern US states will be spared from future planetary changes and little damage is expected in these areas except for the Great Lakes region.
However, we would like to point out that most of the Great Lakes will be flooded and become a great sea of inland water, and the rising waters should flood cities like Chicago and Detroit.



Canada will also be affected by the global changes and in the West Zone, the Vancouver area will be hit by some strong tsunamis. Victoria Island will be partially submerged, but much of it will remain dry in elevated areas.

The majority of Canadian West Coast near Alaska will be hard hit by rising waters and big earthquakes. The volcanoes of this region will again be very active as well. We noted that changes in these areas will be significant but will be less damaging as this area is sparsely populated.


The central provinces will be shaken by large-scale earthquakes as well, but these changes will only be made over a short period of time starting in the year of 2020. The expected cataclysms will be minor in this area.

The area called the Canadian Shield will be greatly affected by the movement of the North American tectonic plate at this location because this area, which is located west of the Saint-Lawrence River and covers a large part of the Province of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, and will see its landscape change in an exceptional way and become an area of great beauty and very conducive to high quality agriculture in the not too distant future.


Now the eastern part of Canada and its shores along the Atlantic Ocean will also be affected by the rising waters and tsunamis caused by the movement of tectonic plates. We believe that the Province of Newfoundland is widely swallowed up in the lowland portion of this Island and Prince Edward Island is set to disappear under water forever.

The shores of eastern Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will have their coastline invaded by the Atlantic Ocean for a few kilometers on the land. These changes will be permanent because we do not expect submerged lands to be visible again. The coastal areas of these provinces will also be hit by tsunamis, some of which may be wide.

This area is also earthquake-prone but these will be small compared to some other areas of North America.

The province of Quebec should be greatly affected by the movement of the Canadian Shield west of the Saint-Lawrence River and the rising waters of the River. We anticipate that the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River will be pushed back by the rising of water for a distance of about 20km to 25km and even more in some places in the lowlands. The vast majority of riverside towns and villages will be affected more or less greatly by the rising waters of which the city of Montreal will be immersed to a large extent.

The southern part of the Saint-Lawrence River including the region in the Appalachian Mountains will be less likely to change and this area is considered a safe area during future changes.

The Saint-Lawrence River will become the main source of water that will feed the region called the Great Lakes. This area will be greatly modified to become a huge inland lake with a large part of the current land submerged. We expect these changes to begin in 2020 and continue over the next 10 to 15 years before stabilizing and becoming an inland sea.

 We will advise the people of Canada and the Great Lakes regions of the process when we are able to see the current changes before they begin.


Mexico is located in the South of North America on the North American Plate and is related to the Coco Plate, the Pacific Plate and the Caribbean Plate.

Mexico will be hard hit by the global changes because of its geographic location at the boundaries of the four tectonic plates mentioned above.


The west coast of Mexico will be particularly affected by the many volcanoes that will be active in this region. We expect that many tsunamis will hit the entire western area of Mexico hard. Our predictions indicate that part of the shoreline in this area will be submerged by Pacific waters and will swamp the coast for 8 to 10 miles inland permanently. The Baja California and Lower California areas will be swallowed up almost entirely by the movement of tectonic plates and only a few islands will still be visible.


The central area of Mexico will be greatly affected by many large earthquakes and these will cause considerable damage to structures and buildings that will not be able to withstand the strong movements of the earth crust in these areas. The region of Mexico City which is densely populated will be very affected by these earthquakes because the cataclysms will be numerous in the center of this country.


The east coast of Mexico will, however, be less affected and despite some tsunamis and rising water that will swamp the shorelines of the coast about 2 miles inland, we believe that will be the safest area of Mexico for years to come.


Southern Mexico will be greatly affected by the movements of the two tectonic plates that converge at this location. These two plates (Cocos and Caribbean) will move very quickly which will cause the complete disappearance of at least a large part of the most southern part in the regions of Oaxaca until Yucatan. These changes also involve Central America and this area will be analyse later in this document.

We are warning the population of Mexico living in the three most-at-risk areas to prepare for emergencies that will require a quick move to the safest zone, as these changes are expected to begin very soon and continue over the next 20 to 25 years.


The Caribbean is an area South of the United States and is located on the Caribbean plate. This region is formed mainly of small, medium and large islands.

This plate will move to the east and during this displacement that should last several decades from 2025, the largest islands are not expected to undergo major changes. Despite many tsunamis that will affect this area, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic as well as Puerto Rico should remain intact or at least undergo only minor changes except on their coasts which will grow or shrink in some areas.

The other small and medium-sized islands will suffer more damage and more particularly the islands with land that is located near sea level because they will become partially or completely immersed under the sea. This region will also witness the creation of new islands following the movement of the Caribbean plate.

We would like to advise the population living in this area to plan for smaller earthquakes and the arrival of powerful hurricanes and to prepare for them as they will become more frequent, and their high winds will be very devastating.


Central America is located in the same area as southern Mexico and the Caribbean and will be affected mainly by movements of the Cocos and Caribbean tectonic plates.

As mentioned before, the Caribbean Plate will move east and the Cocos Plate will move southwest, causing major changes in Central America.

Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador will experience major earthquakes and part of this region will move eastward with the Caribbean plate movement. These countries will be hard hit and the movement of the two tectonic plates will be very problematic.

In the same movement of plates that was mentioned for the southern region of Mexico, we predict that the northern part of this area will be partly engulfed under the sea, greatly affecting Guatemala and Belize. The center of this region including Nicaragua will also be affected by the movement of tectonic plates but most of this country will remain intact.
Costa Rica and Panama to the south will suffer heavy damage as both countries are at the junction of the two tectonic plates. Costa Rica will be split into two separate regions, some of which will move west to the Cocos plate and the other part will move east on the Caribbean plate. This country will also undergo significant changes in coastal regions.

Panama will widely disappear under the sea and only a partial area will remain connected to Colombia and the mainland of South America.

These changes will begin soon and will continue for several decades.


The South American mainland sits on the South American Plate that converges with the Nazca and Scotia Plates. Major changes will occur in this region which will cause great damage in the western part of the continent.


The countries of northern South America including Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Ecuador will be greatly affected by the Caribbean and Nazca plate movements. Much of the coastline of these countries will be flooded and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago will be partially submerged in the lower parts but the damage will be less considerable. This region will suffer massive tsunamis and earthquakes that will devastate the coastal cities and most buildings because most of them will not be able to withstand high-intensity tremors.


The West Coast countries will be particularly affected by major earthquakes and by the eruption of volcanoes that will be very active for the next decades. The Nazca and South American plates will be very active in these areas and there will be earthquakes of great intensity that will devastate Peru and Chile. Our forecasts indicate that gradually, the coast of Peru will sink under the sea for a great distance and that almost all of Chile will be swallowed up.

The cities of Lima and Santiago are in great danger and our forecasts indicate that they will be submerged in the future. The majority of buildings in Peru and Chile will not be able to withstand the high-intensity shocks that will cause unprecedented damage to the people who live there.


The central part of the mainland will be less affected and Brazil will undergo earthquakes that will cause significant damage in its different regions. The entire east coast will suffer tsunamis but these will be less damaging than many other coastal regions of this continent.

Bolivia and Paraguay will be less affected by future global changes, but will still have devastating earthquakes.

The central zone is considered the safest area of this mainland.


Like the northern region, southern South America will undergo significant transformations following for the relocation of the Scotia and Nazca plates. The Scotia plate will move to the Antarctic Plate which will cause the plate to collapse at this location and the most southern area of Argentina will be engulfed under the sea.

The East and West coasts will suffer great floods and the cities of Buenos Aires will be under several meters of water at the peak of tectonic plate movements.

In short, South America will be greatly transformed in its southern, western and northern parts, while the Center and all the countries located in this central region will be maintained despite the many earthquakes that will affect this continent. The volcanoes of the western zone will be very active and will cause damages to a large part of the South American population.

We advise people in the highest-risk areas to prepare an evacuation plan to the center of the continent, which will be the safest area of this mainland for the next 25 to 30 years.


The European continent will undergo important changes since this mainland is located on the Eurasian Plate. This plate converges with the North American Plate to the west, the Pacific Plate to the east, African to the South.  


Western Europe will be greatly affected by the African and Eurasian plate movement, and it will have major disturbances in this region of Europe as much of this region will collapse under the sea. Spain and Portugal will see much of their land swamped over a long distance and we believe that only a few areas of Spain will remain above sea level in the more eastern areas in the Pyrenees near France and in the highest summits of the country which will become islands. Portugal will be swallowed up forever. The Strait of Gibraltar will be a thing of the past because there will be no more straits in this area. The city of Madrid will be spared because it is located in the high part of this area.

Central & North Central

The center of Europe will undergo earthquakes of great amplitude and many buildings will not be able to withstand these earthquakes. The north of France will see its actual coastline disappear and the new coastline will be closer to the city of Paris.

The United Kingdom and Ireland will see the vast majority of their coasts disappear under the ocean and these islands will lose about 60% of their current area. London will be flooded and we expect this city will be fully submerged. Dublin will be engulfed.

Iceland will undergo major eruptions of its volcanoes and these will remain very active until this country is definitively engulfed by 2030.

Switzerland and all of Europe will be affected by earthquakes but should not undergo any change as this area is considered safe.

The countries of the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Slovakia will also experience earthquakes of the same kind as Switzerland, and Poland will be flooded on its coastline in the Baltic Sea. Most of the inland area is considered a safe area despite the many earthquakes to come.

Belgium and the Netherlands are in great danger because these two countries are located in the northern part of Europe. A large part of these countries will be permanently flooded by the movement of the Eurasian plate that will collapse in this region. The city of Amsterdam will be swallowed up completely while the city of Brussels should suffer only smaller floods.

The northern part of Germany will be affected by the collapse of its coastline which will be swallowed a great distance inland, however, the center of Germany will not be affected by the earthquakes that will affect most of Europe and Berlin will not suffer significant damage. This country is considered a safe area in its interior.

Denmark is a peninsula located in a region that will undergo significant changes and this country will be engulfed.


Northern European countries including Norway, Sweden and Finland are located in an area that will undergo major changes and the tectonic plate at this location is expected to collapse and engulf almost all of this area. Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo will disappear forever.

The Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will also undergo a major transformation, since in this region the North Sea and the Baltic Sea will form a single sea following the collapse of a part of the tectonic plate at this location. Much of this coastline will disappear and only the most southerly areas will remain above sea level.

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will also be affected by the earthquakes and cataclysms that will affect all of Europe and East Russia will see most of its area disappear in the Bering Sea as well as the western region of Alaska. The northern coast of Russia will also be greatly affected by very strong floods.


The southern part of Europe will undergo very big changes as well, because it is located at the borders of three tectonic plates that will be very active in the 2030s and continue for more than 15 to 20 years.

Italy will be swallowed up almost completely and only the northern part of this country will remain visible. The movement of the plates at this point will cause damages to the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily and will be engulfed under the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece and Turkey will be greatly affected by the tectonic plate movement and Turkey will be swallowed up in its center and become two separate regions as its more westerly area becomes a separate island from the mainland. The island of Cyprus will disappear permanently.

All countries in the southern part of Europe will undergo a major transformation and the vast majority of the present southern coastline will be engulfed in the Mediterranean Sea. The countries of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova will be seriously affected by these changes as only the central part of this area will remain above sea level. This whole region is at very high risk of tsunamis at the start of the upcoming changes.


This region is located directly on the Arabian plate which is found in the center of the Eurasiatic, African and Indian plates. The movement of these plates will transform this region significantly.

 The countries on the shores of the Red Sea will be inundated by a significant rise in water and their coastline will be flooded very significantly. The Suez Canal will become a continuation of the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, while the Dead Sea is now part of the Red Sea up to the Golan Heights in Syria, isolating the Israeli-Palestinian region partly.

Yemen and Oman will be partially flooded on their Indian Ocean coastline. Saudi Arabia will also see its two coastlines flooded.

Earthquakes will be numerous and of great power in Iran and very few of the current structures will be able to resist the terrestrial movements of this region. Iran coastline will be flooded and the area to the east of the UAE and Oman will be swallowed up and the Persian Gulf and Omani Golf will merge into one sea.

All countries in the north of this region will experience severe earthquakes that will destroy most buildings.


Asia is the mainland with the largest population concentration of this planet and the global changes that will occur in the near future will decimate a large part of this population and only a fraction of it will survive.


China will be affected in different ways because it will have a large part of the eastern region that will be engulfed by the collapse of the Eurasian plate at this location. The cities of Hong Kong and Beijing will be just a memory.

The earthquakes and cataclysms that will hit this region of the planet will be of a magnitude never seen in the past and will cause a great deal of material damage as well as the loss of life given the large concentration of the population living in the cities of this country.

The northern zone of China including Mongolia will be less affected and this area is considered the safest in Asia.


India will not be spared by the coming planetary changes as this country is located directly on the Indian plate and the northern part of the Australian plate and when these plates are in motion, there will be a separation of India from the continent in the southernmost part thus causing a lot of damage and human losses.

The area to the east of India will also see some of its coastline disappear and Sri Lanka will be washed away under the sea by the slump of the plate in this region.

All inland areas including India, Nepal and Pakistan will be severely affected by large earthquakes causing a great deal of damage and loss of life. New volcanoes will make their appearance in this area as there is a fault in this part of the planet that is not known to your scientists.


The eastern zone of Asia including Japan, North and South Korea and Taiwan will be nearly engulfed under the Pacific Ocean except in a few places that will become islands, there will not be much land left in this area of the Asia.


This region of Asia is mainly formed of islands with a large population of over 600 million people. This region will be greatly transformed by the planetary changes because here there will be strong movements of the Eurasian plates and the Philippines.

The Philippines will be engulfed and there will remain only a few islands that will still be visible.

 Indonesia and Malaysia will also undergo major changes and the East and West coasts will be under the ocean but the northern zone will see its coastline extend with new land.

Thailand will be flooded in its southernmost zone and Singapore will be completely flooded. Other countries in this region will also be hard hit with significant changes in their coastal areas as there will be significant flooding in the East Zone and about 15km to 20km of these shores will be permanently submerged.

This whole region of Asia will be hard hit by the activation of the many volcanoes that will be very active over the next 25 years.


Australia is located in the center of the Australian plate and this area will be less affected by the movement of this tectonic plate, however, New Zealand and all surrounding islands will be affected by strong tsunamis that will cause great damage to people living on the coastlines of these islands.

Australia, however, will experience many earthquakes along with the whole planet because all tectonic plates will be in motion over the next 25 to 30 years.

Australia will also experience floods and be affected by tsunamis, but we estimate that the damage will not be very significant. This area is considered safe.


Just like Australia, Africa will be a continent that will be less affected by future planetary changes because the African plate will undergo little movement.

 The most problematic area of Africa is located in the East of Africa because this region is sitting on the big African fault which will be very active because there is the formation of a new plate at this area and there will be a lot of activities on these plates that will change their structure in this region.

The entire area known as the Great Rift Valley will be suddenly separated from the African mainland creating huge earthquakes and part of this area will be swallowed up while new lands appear.

The rest of the continent should be affected by earthquakes, but the damage will be minor. The north, central and eastern areas are considered safe.


All the planetary changes shown in this document have been forecasted for a very long time and we have studied in great detail the predicted movements of the tectonic plates as well as the anticipated results that these changes will cause.

We have also studied the whole internal structure of the Earth’s nucleus as well as its recent behavior, and each of our forecasts is based on extensive knowledge in this field so we can affirm that these forecasts are the most accurate that we can make at this time.

These changes will occur as predicted and will continue over the next 25 to 30 years.

This document is a summary of these upcoming changes and when these changes are about to occur in a given area or region, we will notify the population of this area of potential hazards and procedures and directions will be communicated to them in a timely manner to allow them to take refuge in safer locations.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek giving you the most recent information about the upcoming tribulations and planetary changes that are about to affect the planet Urantia.