Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations

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A Radically Conservative and Liberal Approach

By Daniel Raphael, Ph

— opus unius hominis vitae —

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This book is dedicated to my wife, Sherille Mignonne Raphael, for her unwavering and enthusiastic support and encouragement for my writing.
It is also dedicated to Bob and Barbara Wilson who literally kept the lights on for us that made it possible for me to continue writing unabated.
Lastly, this book is dedicated to a dear friend who has mentored and persevered with me over the years in the production of my work, and who humbly wishes to remain anonymous.
My gratitude is immense for each of you for your generosity and kindness. Thank you.


It is my great pleasure to acknowledge Craig Carmichael for his contribution to the finish of this book with his highly professional proof reading and for the significant suggestions he made. His recommendations improved the manuscript beyond what I could have accomplished on my own. Thank you, Craig.