As numerals 0 through 9 are to all forms of mathematics, the seven values innate values are to all human activities. Once the power of these values is understood, then all human behaviors, individual and collective, can be understood.

The ten numbers provide the foundation for deciphering the number of eggs in a carton and the behavior of stars, planets, and subatomic particles. The seven human values provide us with the means to understand the motivation for what individuals and whole societies do and do not do. These seven values are fundamental to understand interpersonal relationships within families, and why whole societies would accept a racist leader commit genocide, or for a leader to guide their nation to come to the aid of nations ravaged by war without reciprocal payment.

As these values are universal to all people, being innate to our species, they also provide the foundation for a universal and timeless guide for all human behavior. If Life is of paramount value to you, then it is of paramount value to all other people. If Equality is of critical value to you, then it is also of critical value to all others. The same can be said for the values of Growth and Quality Of Life.

As these values are universal to all people, being innate to our species, they also provide the foundation for universal and timeless decision-making to guide all human behavior in relationships. The four primary values provide a universal and timeless morality that is applicable to all races, ethnic groups, cultures, genders, and nationalities. The three secondary values of Empathy, Compassion, and a generalized Love For Humanity provide the foundation for a universal and timeless ethic for all human relationships.7

Because the three secondary values emanate from the primary value Equality, all people have an innate sense of what is equal and fair treatment and what is not. When we sense an unequal and unfair situation, whether for ourselves or for others, we know from the arousal of our innate secondary value Empathy that INequality is present. We are motivated by our sense of Empathy to take action in Compassion to provide the means to remove the imbalance of unfair, unethical, and UNequal treatment for our self or for others.

When we see that same situation projected to groups of people, the third secondary value, Love For Humanity, is aroused, and again in empathy and compassion we are motivated to bring balance to the relationship of that group with all humanity.

It is ironic that Homo sapiens have always had the innate capability to create peace for themselves individually and for our world. The seven values that lie within each of us have been waiting to be activated by our conscious awareness of them. Unconsciously, the four primary values have provided the foundation for decision-making that overall have sustained our species’ survival, but have also caused the downfall of all organized societies to date. Now, having the survival of our species assured, we must consciously invoke the three secondary values to assure the survival of our societies, communities, and families. Now, being aware of the three secondary values as being volitional, are we consciously willing to use all seven values to create peace to sustain the survival of our civilization?

7 Raphael, Daniel 2018 Making Sense of Ethics, A Unique, Unified Normative Theory of Ethics, Morality, and Values.