Questions & Answers Session
Machiventa Melchizedek Via Michel Levasseur

 August 2017

This document was produced at the request of Machiventa Melchizedek and was made from several transmissions received and transmitted by Michel Levasseur in between the months of April 2017 to June 2017.  
This document is an overview of a Celestial view of certain issues related to healthy Sustainable Management of the situation that prevails in our atmosphere and the air we breathe as well as in its actual level of pollution.

Michel Levasseur  

Thanks to Donna Lynn Sarsfield, Assale and one other resource person for their help and contribution to the production of these documents.


This document was designed and crafted co-creatively by Machiventa Melchizedek and this scribe in order to demonstrate in a concrete and nonscientific way that the management of the air and atmosphere of this planet is deficient and needs correction immediately.

To sustainably manage the air you breathe which is necessary for the life of plants, animals, oceans and marine life and especially you humans, you must take into account that borders do not exist in the atmosphere and that any harmful and polluting action will have repercussions that can occur over very long distances and that can affect all the populations of this planet.

The air you breathe is paramount and you should know that your atmosphere is very fragile. Altering its content negatively by introducing pollutants and toxins is very easy because the damage does not seem to be apparent, but it is real and very important.

To sustainably manage the air you breathe, it will be important to do the right things that will not alter the atmosphere but will protect it. Also it will be necessary to put in place a planetary program that will have to find new sources of energy that will replace the current energy sources that emit toxins into the air.  

I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I wish you a good read.


Part I - Air Quality

Question & Answer Session

Q-1: Could you tell us about the current state of the atmosphere of this planet?

A-1: This question deserves a response that must express a sincere desire to give you a comprehensive assessment of the state of the air you are currently breathing.

You must first know that you are breathing air that is in very bad condition and each of the regions of the planet are at best "flawed contaminated" or worst "very contaminated".

You see, your last century was a century of industrialization, and this industrialization happened without regard for the consequences that it engendered and continues to generate on the planet’s fauna, flora, water, air and humans. There has been no restraint on industrial developments, and even though you have made giant strides in your industrial and technological evolution, you have completely ignored the consequences of this progress.

Your factories, transports, nuclear tests and bombs, your additional needs of all kinds to give you a better quality of life (at least in so-called developed countries) have unfortunately been detrimental to the well-being of this planet. There has been no planning and sustainability management in these industrial developments.

So the answer to this question is simple, your atmosphere is about to collapse and every day that passes is one day too many to overlook this fact.

Q-2: What are the possible consequences or adverse health effects of this air pollution?

A-2: Here is what you need to know about the health hazards of this pollution. You breathe contaminated air, full of toxic particles and chemical molecules that are not appropriate for the human body. You must know that many of your diseases and deaths are attributable to the air you breathe.

Why do you think that you can greatly evolve in technology of all kinds but that you have to fight against diseases that are increasingly affecting the population and that these diseases are increasingly difficult to cure naturally?

You are in fact at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry that concocts new molecules to treat you with more or less success. If all the money invested in these pharmaceutical companies were directed towards a new industry that would act for the purification of the air and for the elimination of the causes of this harmful pollution, then your health would be better, the diseases would diminish in a gigantic way and you could live longer and healthier.  

Q-3: According to your estimates, what proportion of the world population lives in a place where air pollution is present?

A-3: This is a simple question to answer. There is no place on this planet where air is of quality. As I mentioned earlier, there are places where the air is less contaminated while in other places, like some densely populated cities, air is very contaminated and pollution reaches unprecedented levels in these cities. So,  unfortunately, air has no boundary and pollution is spreading according to the winds and the jet stream.

Q-4: Few people on this planet have a real awareness of the seriousness of the current situation with regard to pollution of the air that one breathes. What would be the best way to demonstrate to the population the real state of affairs and the urgent need for action?

A-4: Indeed, your population is not fully aware of the fact that they breathe contaminated air and this is wanted by your leaders. What do you think would happen if every day you were told in your newsbreaks and your media that the air you breathe is contaminated and that the "Sky is about to fall on your head"?

This situation is known and your leaders do not dare to inform you of it. Regarding the question of how best to inform the public of the current state of the air they breathe, the simplest way would be for an expert panel to sound the alarm and this alarm would need to have the same impact as the alarm that was sounded on global warming.

Q-5: According to some studies, developing areas (countries) would be the ones with the most pollution problems inside houses and buildings. Do you agree with that statement?

A-5: Indeed, the situation in developing regions where incomes are very low or almost non-existent, the population must use conventional and highly polluting means to feed and heat itself. The air in these buildings is largely polluted by particles in suspension such as black coal particles (soot) and these particles are very harmful to young children and the elderly.

Q-6: The outdoor air of this planet is very polluted and this phenomenon seems to want to continue to deteriorate more and more. What are the general causes and sources of pollution?

A-6: There are a multitude of causes that generate air pollution and each of these causes has a detrimental effect. However, we can say that all modes of transportation in all their forms that use oil as the source of energy are among those that contribute the most. There are also factories in different areas that are  also among the sources that generate the most pollution.

What you need to know is that each source of air pollution is not viable and does not fit into a sustainable management project and when you add each of these sources that pollute the atmosphere, you get the current problem situation.

Q-7: Recent statistics indicate that air pollution kills on average about 3 million people in urban and rural areas each year and that diseases associated with this  pollution cause 1 in 10 deaths worldwide. Are these figures realistic?

A-7: This is an excellent question using unrealistic statistics. About 60 million people die every year on the planet and air pollution, the air you breathe, is directly and indirectly responsible for almost a third of these deaths, so nearly 20 million deaths are attributable directly or indirectly to air pollution which is double what your statistics reveal. So you can be assured that the main cause of death on this planet is the air you breathe.

Q-8: Most sources of outdoor air pollution are totally beyond the control of individuals and require cities, as well as national and international decision makers, to take action in areas such as transportation, waste management, housing and agriculture as these sectors directly influence air quality.  

• According to the Celestial point of view, what immediate steps should be taken to curb air pollution urgently?
• Should we not have a global plan to reduce air pollution?

A-8: This is an excellent question as it deals with how to address the current issue mentioned in the first question in this paper.

In our view, there should be a board of experts and that this council could work with us in a co-creation committee to prepare a comprehensive plan to correct each cause and source that causes a degradation of the atmosphere of the planet. A sustainable and very long-term air management plan should be drawn up addressing the causes of the current state of very poor air quality, solutions to eliminate these causes and replacing them with new sources that will have no negative effect on the atmosphere. This will be a tedious but also necessary work and this work will have to be undertaken very quickly because the current situation requires you to make it a priority. There are other measures that can be taken and with our co-creative help where the best solutions could become reality for the well-being of this planet and its people.

So I could summarize my answer in a few words: ACT, ACT AND ACT IMMEDIATELY.

Q-9: Despite the concrete steps that have been taken to reduce outdoor air pollution globally it seems clear that the results are not the desired ones and that the air we breathe continues to deteriorate. It becomes clear that drastic measures will have to be taken quickly. What would be the first steps that should be taken to stop this pollution and begin to clean up the air we breathe?

A-9: This question was answered in Q – 8 but I would like to add this: You continue to pollute and deteriorate the air making it less and less breathable and despite the fact that the population really isn’t aware of it, your beautiful planet that is called Urantia no longer has the capacity to regenerate itself with quality air. This is the indication that it is no longer necessary to act as you do but that we must now react quickly and immediately because it is midnight minus one minute.

Q-10: There is a category of air pollutants that are more toxic. What are these pollutants, where do they come from and what would be the best way to eliminate them?

A-10: This question will be answered in several steps because there are indeed several sources of toxic pollutants that are spreading in your atmosphere.

What needs to be understood is the fact that each of the particles and molecules that spread in your atmosphere have some toxicity. When they spread, they mix together and form structures called EO-TOX. These EO-TOXs are a collection of molecules from different sources and are inhaled by your lungs and absorbed in large quantities. Their long-term effect is like a poison in your system.

If you are wondering what EO-TOX really is, because this word is unknown to you, then you should know that EO-TOX represents all of the 47 toxic molecules and  particles that are found in the atmosphere but that should not be there. I do not wish to pursue an explanation based on chemistry but know that any particle and/or molecule which is present in the air and which is not part of the normal molecules of nitrogen and oxygen and other molecules of rare gases forming your atmosphere, are EO-TOX and each EO-TOX is harmful and toxic to health.

Q-11: The main sources of external pollution would be the burning of fossil fuels by automobiles, power plants and the metal refining industry. What are the other  causes of outdoor air pollution that are also damaging?

A-11: These three sources of pollution are very damaging, but there are many additional sources of pollution that find their way in the air. I will list a few of them, including the agro-industry with the spraying of insecticides, the nuclear industry with its power stations, the heating industry in all its forms, but mainly the industries that use fuel oil, wood and coal. There are also manmade fires in the Amazon and so on to name a few. You have to know that each of the actions you take that results in spraying a chemical into the air, heating any material that releases particles, using products based on solvents that evaporate in the air, and any action of this nature whether done at a commercial, industrial or even individual level automatically has a negative impact on the atmosphere by toxifying it.  

Q-12: The adverse effects of air pollution on humans are better known, but what are the effects on animal and plant health as well as on materials in general?

A-12: I like this issue because it addresses a problem that very few of you care about. Air pollution is causing enormous damage to your flora because many toxic products accumulate in the soil in the form of EO-TOX when they fall in rain, snow, fog and other forms.  These EO-TOXs are absorbed by your plants and trees and this weakens them and they gradually degrade. Your fruits and vegetables also absorb a lot of EOTOXs and these are the foods you eat and feed to a host of animals. So the entire land based food chain is affected by these EO-TOXs. EO-TOXs are also found in your rivers, lakes, underground waters and oceans. The microorganisms ingest EO-TOXs in very large quantities and the toxicity of the whole aquatic food chain of these ecosystems is also very present.

Finally, air pollution has fewer negative effects on materials in general. At least the damage is less apparent and your materials and structures are able to suffer the effects of EO-TOXs over a longer and shorter term. There are however some materials that are more likely to deteriorate in the presence of some EO-TOXs.

Q-13: How does air pollution spread and what would be the best way to manage this now?

A-13: The question may seem a bit simple but the answer will not be that simple. Air is propagated at high altitude with what you call the Jet Stream. This Jet Stream is powered [propelled] by high-power winds and this Jet Stream phenomenon travels the entire planet. This is the main source of atmospheric air movement. At low altitudes, winds are formed by high and low pressure fronts (cold and warm) and these low and high pressure fronts produce winds (air movements) on a more regional basis. Some regions of the world have continuous and rapid movement of air, while in other regions air movement is minimal but still existing. What you need to know is that there is virtually no place on this planet where air is completely stable or stagnant because air is always moving even though it may seem imperceptible.

Q-14: Statistics show that the way of life in each region of the world is responsible for air pollution in varying degrees. According to your point of view, is it important to drastically change our lifestyles to reduce this pollution or would a more gradual way be preferred?

A-14: This question addresses a very specific problem. We believe that a solution involving change to your lifestyles should be gradual and long-term and this method should be preferred. In developing countries and regions, mores are well established and have existed for eons and generation after generation. A rapid and drastic change in their way of life would cause an obvious and adverse shock. For managing a sustainable lifestyle in these regions, changes will have to be made gradually, and an educational base will have to accompany these changes. They will have to learn new ways of life that are compatible with good, sustainable air management, as well as all other sectors, as a large part of this population must also deal with a level of water pollution.

Q-15: Could you give us a simple but precise example of what an individual could easily do to help improve air quality no matter where he lives?

A-15: Here is a simple example that an individual could do as a gesture and this gesture could be done by any individual, no matter where he resides on the planet. It would suffice to ask that this pollution cease because if each one of you, the 7 billion + who live on this planet would make this request in a sincere and  unanimous way, then the pollution would cease.

Q-16: Radioactive gases such as radon that is contained in soil and rock everywhere on this planet is dangerous and a lung carcinogen to humans. There are few statistics on the adverse effects this gas currently causes on the population as a whole. What is your assessment of the effects of these radioactive gases and what are the long-term solutions to eliminate the exposure of these gases?

A-16: Indeed, there are radioactive gases on this planet and radon is one of them. This gas is harmful and also carcinogenic. Radon is not present on the whole planet but only in certain sectors. Unfortunately there are not many solutions currently available to remove radon because it is present in the earth's crust in some places. The best way to avoid being exposed to radon is to not live where the gas is present. It is easy to detect this gas before building a house or building. It just takes a simple test to detect the presence of this gas and then to refrain from erecting structures there. This would be the good thing to do.

Q-17: We know that what we call acid rain is very damaging to humans, fauna, flora, water in general and materials. In addition, this 'acid rain' can also be found in snow showers, mists, gases and dust. Could you tell us about the causes and the adverse effects of this acid rain?

A-17: The acid rain phenomenon has been known for some time already but this subject is no longer discussed today or at least very little. Acid rain is the result of  EO-TOXs which are released with rainwater during showers. Acid rain is always present and always damaging to human health, fauna, flora and your waters. They are called "acid rains" because of some very acidic molecules that are contained in EO-TOXs. These molecules are mainly produced by factories for the production and processing of metals and petroleum (fossil fuels). Your soils and waters absorb the vast majority of them and these toxic molecules remain there for a very long time, which affects the quality of these. So in summary, acid rain is in reality a name given to the acidic molecules contained in the EO-TOXs that get dropped on the planet during showers.

Q-18: Each country uses different standards to calculate air quality. Would it not be better to have a single, uniform global standard for determining air quality?

A-18: Indeed, there should be a single standard for all territories on this planet. Standardization of air pollution standards would provide easier control for all  nations with single baselines and uniform controls.

Q-19: In recent decades, developed countries have shifted much of their hazardous production to developing countries. This does not seem to be the right direction to meet the sustainability measures of addressing the problems at the grass roots level rather than transferring them to another country. What is your opinion on this statement?

A-19: Indeed, sustainable management of your polluting manufacturing plants would solve the problem at its source and not transfer it to another region. Unfortunately, we see that it still exists and this does not solve the problem. As previously mentioned, air does not have a boundary and what is released into the air as pollutants in a specific location is likely to be found in the breathable air of every part of the planet. There is also a risk that this problem may be aggravated if this relocation of polluting manufacturing plants takes place in developing regions which have different and less restrictive standards for pollution control and with reduced means to reduce the source and the amount of pollutants emitted into the air. So the solution of "not in my backyard" is not a solution that has the merit of attributing the slightest intention in these cases of relocation because for the leaders of factories who think they have acted with a good conscience in eliminating pollution issues in their yards by transferring their factories to developing countries with lower environmental standards or even nonexistent is not what is recommended in a plan for the sustainable management of your atmosphere because in the end there is no reduction or elimination of the source of pollution and for the majority of these relocations the problem has been aggravated.

Q-20: There is a program to monitor air quality by NASA satellites in areas where there are no air quality sensors available. In your view, would it not be necessary  to make this program available in all areas in addition to the programs already in place to produce real-time global air quality readings?

A-20: I like this question which has the merit of showing that it is possible to act quickly in this field. As noted in a previous question, the current air pollution control standards should be standardized and NASA is able to provide real-time reading of each region of the planet, from atmospheric air conditions to different measurement ranges from the ground to the upper atmosphere. The reason I mention this is that it is necessary to see and  even important to be able to determine the levels of air pollution within each level or atmospheric layer because EO-TOX levels vary to a large extent within each of these levels and according to the different regions of the planet.

So NASA has the tools and technology required, as well as the knowledgeable staff to provide a comprehensive, real-time analysis of the state of the atmosphere in each area of the planet and in each layer of the atmosphere.

Q-21: Should there not be a program to educate the public as well as the implementation of policies to disclose and update the evolution of air quality. What is your point of view and your suggestion regarding this statement?

A-21: I agree with the need to implement a disclosure program and that is necessary and even paramount. This program should be established quickly and disclosure of the critical condition of the air you breathe should be made for the human cause.  This program would be the first step that should be taken before any other step because you must inform the population that the main factor of mortality and disease is related to the flawed [contaminated] air that the population breathes.

Q-22: In your opinion, do we have the technology to eliminate existing pollution from our atmosphere in a timely manner, or do new, more effective and sustainable methods need to be developed?

A-22: Your current technologies would not be able to remove all the molecules and particles of EO-TOXs from your atmosphere. A co-creation work with us will be necessary so that you can develop new processes that would be able to eliminate these toxins permanently. However, even if you had all the resources and the best technology available to reduce and eliminate the EO-TOXs from your atmosphere, it would not be very helpful unless the sources of pollution were removed beforehand. In a summary plan for sustainable air quality management, it is first necessary to determine the sources of air pollution and to make an exhaustive inventory of them in each of the regions of the planet. Secondly, a comprehensive plan for each of the regions should be drawn up up with a view to reduce and then completely eliminate the sources of pollution. Finally, co-creative work with us should allow us to establish the best solutions for the reduction and elimination of EO-TOXs contained in the air, but also in your soils and your waters and oceans and in your human bodies.

Q-23: We are told that the phenomenon of global warming is caused by air pollution (gas emissions). What is the Celestial point of view on this subject?

A-23: The warming of this planet has several causes including the one mentioned in your question. You also know that the emission of gases (EO-TOX in general) has a slight effect on global warming. The main cause of the warming of your beautiful planet is rather natural because it comes from the core of the earth which at present reaches a very high temperature and which even exceeds that of the sun, which is very hot you will agree. All this energy will be released soon by volcanoes and tectonic plates but I will stick to this as an explanation for the moment because we have made available to you other documents that deal with this particular subject and the global changes to come up.

Q-24: One of the greatest sources of air pollution around the world is the use of gasoline-powered vehicles as a means of transportation. Is it fair to think that we  currently have the technology to replace this source of pollution with a much cleaner source with no pollution effects?  

A-24: Indeed, your current means of transport which burn fossil fuels are very polluting and harmful to the atmosphere. What you need to know is that even if you try to reduce the negative effects of EO-TOXs that are emitted into the air by your vehicles, they still end up in large quantities in the atmosphere. We note that there is a real desire to reduce this energy source that feeds your vehicles and replace it with a so-called "greener" energy that is electricity. What you need to know is that electricity is an entirely acceptable source of energy and that is consistent with a sustainable management of your means of transportation and atmosphere as there is no emissions of EO-TOXs. In addition, electricity can be produced by different techniques and means, some of which are consistent with a pollution-free management plan and respect for the planet. However, there are certain methods of producing electricity that are damaging and highly polluting and these methods are not sustainable and will have to be abandoned in the near future. There is one last thing to mention about your means of transport and any use of the different sources of energy of this planet, and it is that in the near future we will put at the service of mankind a technology coming from the Universe and Paradise and this energy source is the ULTIMATON. This new energy source will be used to replace all your current energy sources and this energy will be free of cost for all and it will be a freely accessible source of energy.  

Q-25: It seems that concentrations of methane (hydrocarbon - CH4) in the atmosphere are exploding globally. This gas would be detrimental to a high degree. What is the source of this gas, the likely cause of its increase in the atmosphere and its adverse effects in the short and long term?

A-25: Methane is a natural pollution of your atmosphere and you should know that methane is very dangerous because this gas is toxic but also flammable. This gas comes from the earth's crust and, little by little, is released into the atmosphere. At present, methane is mainly found in frozen soils and permafrost and with the gradual warming of these frozen soils and permafrost, methane is released into the air. We are closely monitoring this toxic gas and in the near future we will be cocreating with your scientists to implement a plan that will address this problem with the best solutions for the removal of these gases.

Q-26: Here is a sub-question about methane but more specifically methane hydrates and the world reserves of this gas (also known as clathrate reserves). Studies have been undertaken in order to be able to extract it and subsequently its use. In your view, is the use of this material viable or a time bomb?

A-26: Here is a question that deals directly with the non-future of this planet. What is mentioned in this question is that for some individuals, the extraction of  methane from the ocean floor to make it a new source of energy would be an unsustainable solution and quite contrary to a sustainable management of your energy sources. As I mentioned in a previous answer, the elimination of energy sources made from hydrocarbons is necessary so any research and any desire to continue this research to extract the methane from your ocean floor is not viable, and there is a high risk that you will aggravate your pollution problems in addition to produce additional and potentially very dangerous damages.

Q-27: According to some studies, developing areas (countries) would be the ones with the most pollution problems inside houses and buildings. Do you agree with that statement?

A-27: Indeed, it is in developing countries and regions that have few means to improve their living conditions that the problems of pollution inside houses and  buildings are very real and badly controlled but also very detrimental to the health of these populations.

Q-28: According to some statistics, billions of people cook and heat their homes with solid fuels (e.g. wood, coal, manure, vegetable waste) on open fires or traditional stoves. Such inefficient cooking and heating practices produce high levels of domestic (indoor) air pollution, which includes a range of harmful pollutants such as fine particulate matter and carbon monoxide. In your opinion, should we address this problem urgently and if so, what would be the starting point for a sustainable solution to this domestic pollution?

A-28: This statement is accurate and the damage resulting from this unproved and undesirable way of cooking food and heating buildings is real and harmful to all. In order to solve this serious problem, which we consider to be major, we will have to undertake a program for teaching more modern skills and new nonpolluting techniques for cooking food and heating the interior of houses and buildings. In the short term, local, regional and territorial reform committees should be set up with clear and effective policies that would be supported with adequate funding sources because it is a question of sustainability and survival for these people. Improving indoor air quality in their homes and buildings should become a priority in these regions.

Q-29: Air in work environments in both office towers and factories of all kinds would also be susceptible to pollution depending on several factors and locations.  Could you give us your viewpoint on that?

A-29: Indeed, the air inside the majority of your plants [factories] is contaminated to varying degrees depending on where these plants are located and depending on their nature. The air that the workers breathe is not very good and gradually they develop either short term or long term illnesses. In the office towers, we could say that air is in somewhat good condition, because there really isn’t any air in good condition on this planet.

Q-30: Tobacco is an important cause of indoor pollution. In industrialized countries, tobacco use is decreasing, which is not the case in developing countries. Could you talk to us about the actual health damage that tobacco can cause both as first-hand and second-hand smoke?

A-30: Indeed, tobacco is one of the biggest sources of health damage. It is difficult for us to understand why some humans allow themselves to ingest this source of highly harmful toxins in their lungs and their bodies continuously and in addition to harming individuals who have to endure second-hand smoke.

The toxins contained in tobacco smoke are also found in the air you breathe and are part of the EO-TOX and these toxins can remain in the air for long periods of time. The use of tobacco in all its forms should simply be eliminated and banned because it does not bring anything good to humans.

Q-31: There is a program in Ghana that helps with the manufacture of high-efficiency stoves which are sold cheaply to the population. Even if 100,000 of these stoves would have already been sold, there would be an additional need for 500 million families in the world who would also need them but don’t have the means to get one, and agencies are unable to provide funding. From the Celestial point of view, how could this problem be solved effectively?

A-31: We know of this beautiful initiative and it is true that these stoves have reduced the level of pollution and thus improve the quality of life of those who have the chance to use them. However, we do not believe that this form of combustion is desirable for supporting long-term sustainability because these socalled efficient stoves still pollute your atmosphere by releasing EO-TOXs. We believe that a co-creative management strategy for the implementation of new ZERO emission sources of energy would be a sustainable solution.

Q-32: Global guidelines on air quality have been issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and these guidelines, which are based on scientific data, set out the objectives for protecting the vast majority of the population. In your opinion, are these measures in line with a sustainable air management strategy?

A-32: First of all, you should know that these guidelines are a starting point but your scientists should also be able to know the state and the actual conditions of your atmosphere and its level of pollution (toxins) in order to be able to issue guidelines that will reduce air pollution until reaching the ZERO level of EO-TOX.
Sustainable and long-term programs, guidelines and efforts must aim to achieve the ZERO standard for air pollution in a short period of time and these programs must be enforced. That is both logical and necessary for survival.

Q-33: For a sustainable air management policy, would it not be necessary to set a zero pollution target in a very short period of time?

A-33: This was answered in question 32.

Q-34: Could you comment on your vision of what would be ideal global sustainable management of the atmosphere with all levels of management required?

A-34: This is a question that should also be addressed to your decision-makers and your scientists, but I will give you an opinion on the main lines of such a program. First and foremost, decision-makers and scientists must be made aware that your atmosphere is terribly polluted and it will be our role to advise the right people. Second, a document should be developed that assesses each source that is the cause of EO-TOX emissions in the air you breathe. Then, finally, an aggressive program of resolution and elimination of these toxins will have to be undertaken, starting by prioritizing the most harmful ones, to be followed by the least damaging ones. Finally, with our help, we will have to remediate and rehabilitate the air you breathe and eliminate the toxins we call EO-TOXs.


Part II - Geoengeneering

Air Quality - Geoengineering  
Question & Answer Session

Q-1: There is an atmospheric geoengineering program that has been in effect since 1998 in order to counter the effects of global warming.  Could you give us your point of view about this program?

A-1: Indeed, there exists a geoengineering program since the late 1990’s and this program was implemented to counter the negative effects of the sun’s rays in regards to global warming. At the beginning of this program various spraying tests were conducted in an attempt to reproduce the effects of volcanic ash in the atmosphere during the eruption of large volcanos. It seems to us that the real long term effects of spraying these products into the atmosphere were not well known and the real and negative damage would not have been a source of constraints for the instigators of these programs. So the past 30 years have allowed the scientists in charge of these geoengineering programs to use the earth’s atmosphere and the air you breathe like a laboratory for trials and tests of different products and also toxic molecular nanoparticles (EO-TOX) with the resulting large scale collateral damage to the planet.  

Q-2: Since the end of the 1990’s we have been witnessing many airplanes spraying chemicals that form "chemtrails and contrails" that expand and last a long time after the planes have passed. Beginning around the year 2000 these chemtrails were deployed at lower altitudes but now these are being sprayed at very high altitude. According to you what would be the primary reason for this change?

A-2: We must mention beforehand that spraying at low altitude or at high altitudes has no real significance for us because the effects remain the same, however it seems obvious to us that the low-altitude sprays that you call "chemtrails" were much more visible and increasingly decried by part of the population. In addition, low-level spraying caused almost immediate effects on the health of people who were rapidly receiving the fallout effects of EO-TOX on their bodies and lungs. For some time now, the spraying of geoengineering programs has been carried out at high altitude and is therefore less visible to the population and is very often confused with normal contrail (evaporation of water droplets behind aircraft) lines. However, it should be noted that spraying at high altitudes is just as damaging and toxic as spraying at low altitude but is less noticeable and less well known to the general public. So these reasons seem to us the most plausible of these changes.

Q-3: According to some experts the chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere to counter global warming are toxic and dangerous, what is the Celestial point of vue on this topic?

A-3: Indeed, chemicals and molecules that are sprayed to counter the effects of sunlight and help reduce global warming are indeed EO-TOX and they are actually toxic and we consider them to be most damaging for the planet due to the very large amount that is sprayed into your atmosphere every day for the past 30 years.

Q-4: For some people it is quite evident that the sky is composed more and more of unnatural and toxic "clouds" originating from this geoengineering. According to you, are these clouds really helping counter the effects of global warming as we are being told by the experts in charge of these programs, or do they serve other purposes?

A-4: The clouds you call unnatural are indeed clouds of EO-TOX and are therefore whitish clouds that are composed of toxins originating mainly from geoengineering sprays but also from toxins released by your industries and other pollutants. In order to answer this question clearly, in our opinion, geoengineering does not serve to counter the effects of the sun's rays and therefore does nothing to counter global warming. We would like to point out that geoengineering causes much more damage than it seems to resolve according to your managers. Scientists, companies and those responsible for these programs will not tell you directly and try to hide the truth about the negative and real effects of these sprays, but behind these geoengineering programs is a hidden climate change and atmospheric air control program. In our view, these airborne nanoparticles are used to orient natural atmospheric systems into non-natural movements, and these effects can be felt in different parts of the world today, and you see them as climate change but these changes are not natural.

Q-5: By doing a bit of research it is possible to learn that these sprayings contain aluminum nanoparticles, barium and other nanoparticles. Could you enlighten us  about these nanoparticles and whether they actually help counter the effects of global warming or if to the contrary there is no positive effect and are totally toxic?

A-5: This question has been answered in part in the previous answer, but I would like to add this to the answer: You name aluminum nanoparticles and barium  nanoparticles as the main elements of the spraying programs and indeed these nanoparticles constitute the very large part of the EO-TOX and are very toxic. What you need to know is that these nanoparticles are very light and can remain in the atmosphere for a very long time and thus travel over very long distances but they still come to fall on earth and in your waters and oceans . Know that these nanoparticles do not manage to counter the effects of global warming and have no positive effect in this sense.

Q-6: These nano particles that are being sprayed into the atmosphere must by necessity fall back to earth and into our oceans. What are the effects of these  precipitated chemicals on the fauna, the flora, the oceans and on humanity?

A-6: Indeed, these EO-TOX particles fall back on earth and in your oceans and presently they find themselves there in very large quantity. These toxins are captured by your plants and all the micro organisms contained in your soils. They are also found in very large quantities in your waters and in your oceans, where they are ingested by plants and seaweed, plankton and all microorganisms. The EO-TOX are found throughout the food chain and consequently your diet. You need to know that in your daily consumption of food and water, you consume toxins coming directly and indirectly from geoengineering programs.

Q-7: According to certain web sites it appears that these high altitude atmospheric sprayings originating from this geoengineering is contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer, which serves to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and that this ozone layer may be severely depleted. What is your response to this?

A-7: Indeed, the Ozone layer which is located very high in the atmosphere is currently very fragile and already destroyed and non-existent in several places. This part of the atmosphere where the ozone layer is located is very thin so it is very easy to alter and damage it. Spraying chemicals in your atmosphere can be very damaging and even harmful to ozone molecules. You must preserve this Ozone in your high atmosphere as it is essential to your survival.

Q-8: These toxic atmospheric sprayings have been happening almost 30 years now so it is normal to think that this has caused permanent and irreversible damage to this planet. According to the Celestial point of view, what would be this damage and is it possible to stop this destruction?

A-8: I will quickly answer the last part of this question and the only way to stop this destruction is to stop these geoengineering programs and all atmospheric  spraying. As for the first part of the question, which is to name all the permanent and irreversible damage that these sprays have caused since the 1990s, it would be easier for you to name only the main damage because it would require a very lengthy document to make a full inventory of all actual, direct and indirect damages from these sprays. However, I will mention the most direct and harmful damage these programs have caused over the years. Some have been named in a previous answer, but you should know that aluminum and barium nanoparticles are really toxic to humans. These nanoparticles, in the short and long term, have a very toxic effect on the human brain and the health of young children and the elderly in general. By constantly ingesting these particles and molecules of aluminum and other toxic molecules whether through the skin, breathing, water and food, your health is negatively affected because you accumulate a surplus of these molecules in your body and new diseases appear. Very often they are chronic and irreversible. There are more and more cancers in your population and even if you are able to cure cancer more easily, their number is still increasing.

Human beings are growing older but also more and more sick and you must also live in poor health despite the many efforts you make to be in good shape and in very good health. You live in a world of toxins and your bodies have to deal with this with medicines as a solution, because that is what is given to you as the solution to your problems of toxins and diseases.
All the air you breathe is altered by EO-TOX from sprays. All your soils, your drinking waters and all your oceans are toxic to the point of destroying what lives  there and by the same token, humans. You've been ingesting toxins every day for nearly 30 years and look at how human health is changing. The fauna and flora is also about to disappear because it is very negatively affected by the effects of spraying programs. Just point to who benefits and see how these diseases are cared for: Medicines. You live older and sicker so you use more and more medicines while the source of all this is the geoengineering programs. Would it not make more sense to have a sustainability program that makes sense and to everyone’s benefit, and to stop spraying, to reduce and eventually eliminate medicines, and to ensure that everything that can harm health is no longer a means of enriching a few?

Q-9: Do we have the technologies to eliminate these toxins that exist in our atmosphere?

A-9: The toxins that are accumulated in your soils, waters and oceans are present in very large quantities as I mentioned earlier. To eliminate them completely and  let’s say in an ecological way without doing any additional damage, will require a very long time and despite it, you will find it hard to eliminate them completely.  However, it is our intention to create co-creation programs with you that will be undertaken in the near future to help you develop the necessary and effective  technologies that will be used to remove these toxins from your soils, your water and your oceans. It will take a long period (more or less) before these technologies become available.

Q-10: Would you say that it is possible for us to return the ozone layer to its original condition, and the atmosphere in general (the air we breathe) to an acceptable and toxin free state?

A-10: In terms of returning the ozone layer back to its original state you will not be able to do it without our help because your current technologies and knowledge will not allow you to rebuild the ozone layer. It will be possible in a co-creative effort with us to work on setting up new technologies that will be able to repair the very serious damage that has been done in the upper protection area, what you have been calling the ozone layer in recent decades. Regarding the restoration of your atmosphere and lowering the level of EO-TOX to acceptable levels will require in the first place an immediate and complete cessation of all your programs of geoengineering and its toxic sprays because without a complete shutdown of these sprays, it will be impossible to restore the air you breathe.

However, even if there were a complete shutdown of sprays, it would still take a long time to clean the atmosphere of these toxins in order to return it to an acceptable level of EO-TOX, and we estimate it would take between 5 and 10 years. But even with the complete shutdown of geoengineering programs, EO-TOX emissions will continue for a certain period of time because they also come from your vehicles, plants [factories] and all other sources of air pollution. You have lifestyle habits that are polluting and these habits will not change overnight. Implementing new sustainability practices in your lifestyles to stop the release of air pollutants coupled with new technologies that will help you make the transition from your current technologies to future technologies will gradually take root and there will have to be a real planetary desire for sound management of each of the practices that can cause the release of EO-TOX. But what you need to remember is that as soon as toxic atmospheric spraying programs have completely stopped, there will be a gradual and significant reduction in the level of suspended toxins, and this stoppage will be a priority for us in a framework of Sustainable Air Management.

Q-11: From your point of view can these chemical sprayings of the atmosphere continue much longer? In the long term what are the real consequences for the planet and humanity?

A-11: This question was largely answered in the previous answer, and to give a brief summary, these sprays must cease immediately as the continuation of these  intensive spraying programs will lead directly to the complete and total collapse of the upper protective layer which you call the ozone layer as well as an atmosphere saturated with a much higher level of EO-TOX than the standards that we deem acceptable. You must know that the limit of atmospheric toxicity that this planet is able to withstand has been reached and that these spraying programs must end very soon.

Q-12: According to some sources many scientists are aware of the very grave conditions that are prevalent on this planet and caused by geoengineering, but are prevented from divulging these facts. Is it possible that these alarming global living conditions is known by many scientists but hidden from the population?

A-12: This question summarizes the current alarming situation that is unfolding before you, but you are not aware of it. Unfortunately, many of your scientists are involved in geoengineering programs and their toxic sprays and you should know that the majority of them are very aware of the alarming degradation of your atmosphere. Indeed, they know the magnitude of the disaster they create with the emission of toxins from sprays but they are actually prevented from disclosing any relative information that motivates the completion of these programs. If the truth of the spraying programs under way in the last 30 decades, as well as the ongoing and permanent damage caused by these programs were disclosed, and the public made totally aware, all those responsible and participating in these programs would quickly be judged because the actions perpetrated through these programs are in no way in accord with the normal and sustainable evolving nature of an evolving planet. Destruction of this type is not an act that is tolerated in the universe, but this happens here and without your knowledge.

Q-13: What would happen to the planet and to humanity if we pursue geoengineering and continue with industrial and fossil fuel pollution to the point of destroying the ozone layer? At the current pace, how many years will it take before the ozone layer is destroyed, and can you tell us what would become of the planet if we destroy the ozone layer?

A-13: To answer the first part of this question, what you need to know is that the upper layer of protection that lies in the stratosphere, your ozone layer, actually  protects you from the dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. This thin protective layer is necessary and essential to the survival of life on the planet, as much for humanity as for the fauna, the flora and your oceans. This protective layer is partly destroyed and in some places it is completely nonexistent. Some of you have noticed that skin cancers in people are becoming more frequent and this phenomenon is growing at a very fast pace. Your flora is also affected as well as the fauna in general and all your oceans. The deterioration of the upper protective layer (ozone layer) has been continuing at a tremendous rate for several years and at this rate there will be a huge risk that the phenomenon of deterioration reaches the point of no return and that the damage becomes irreparable and therefore permanent. In this case, it will lead to a slow and real destruction of your way of life on this planet. It is our expectation that the current rate of change in atmospheric management will take between 10 and 15 years for the upper layer of protection to be largely destroyed and therefore unable to provide the necessary protection for which it was formed.

Q-14: This document could not be completed without discussing the damage caused by the use of nuclear sources. This question has a double aspect and the first relates to tests of nuclear bombs that have been made in the upper atmosphere in the past. Could you give us a brief summary of the damage these tests would have caused? In the second part, we use nuclear power to make bombs and also power plants that produce electricity among many other uses, according to the Celestial point of view, is it viable to continue using radioactive material on this planet?

A-14: Here is a nice way to finish this document because the use of nuclear so to speak poses a problem on this planet. Indeed you must know that there have been many tests of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere in the past as much in low altitude as in very high altitude. During these tests, it was impossible for the scientists who were in charge of these experiments to predict the real consequences that these tests may cause in the short or long term. But the consequences are increasingly known nowadays, and it is now understood that there has been tremendous damage done both in the upper atmosphere and on the earth and your oceans. Testing of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere started almost 70 years ago and continued for about 30 years.

These tests have caused a lot of damage including having left a large amount of atoms and radioactive particles in the upper atmosphere. These radioactive atoms are still present in large quantities today and will remain for hundreds of years and possibly even longer. These nuclear bomb tests of different power levels actually caused enormous damage to the planet and this caused a great stir in the Celestial community of your Universe because you should know that radioactive Plutonium particles are very harmful when they are released in the atmosphere. So to summarize because I could go on for a very long time on this subject, these tests have actually caused a lot of damage both to the earth and your oceans and to your atmosphere and this damage continues today and will continue for a very long time. With regard to the second part of this question, which is a great opportunity to discuss the use of nuclear power in general, even though this issue is more or less relevant to the document, I am pleased to give you the Celestial view on this subject. It is important to recognize that the continued use of radioactive materials as a source of energy, bombs or other uses entails enormous risks if the full scope and control of its use is not fully understood. It may be that in the distant future this source of nuclear energy that is available on this planet will become better understood and you will develop the knowledge to use it more appropriately because its current use entails enormous dangers for the planet, and others that need not be mentioned in this document.

Any use of products from radioactive sources will have to be abolished in the very near future, as well all products that have been made from these radioactive molecules will also need to be destroyed because none of your ways of using them are valid or suitable.


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