Preparing for an Unsure Future
The Blue Print
Part 1 The Mechanics of Creating Social Sustainable Democratic Nations
Part 2 Designing Socially Sustaining Social Institutions and Organizations
Part 3 Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations

1.  Answering the Moral and Ethical Confusion of Uninvited Immigrants

Priorities of Moral and Ethical Decision-Making
Priorities of Decision-Making, Continued

Part 1

The Mechanics for Creating Socially Sustainable Democratic Nations

2.  The Innate and Universal Values of All People

Discovery of the Seven Values
Illustration:  The Seven Values that Have Sustained Our Species
The Mutual Characteristics of These Values
The Four Primary Values
The Three Secondary Value-Emotions
A Unified Values-Based Theory of Human Motivation
Values, Value Interpretations, Hierarchies of Need, and Social Change
Illustration:  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

3. Values + Priorities of Decision-Making + Morality and Ethics  = Sustainable Social Existence

The “Right Stuff” to Create Sustainable Societies
Priorities of Decision-Making that Contributes to Social Sustainability
Illustration:  Priorities of Decision-Making in a Socially Sustainable Society

4.  Decision-Logic of Moral and Ethical Decision-Making

Equality is the pivotal element of proactive organic morality
The Decision-Logic of the Seven Values and Their Characteristics
Examples of the “IF . . . THEN” of Building Logic-Sequences
The Decision-Logic of Morality and Ethics
Illustration:  The Decision-Logic Sequence of Morality and Ethics

5.  Succinct Logic-Sequences for the Seven Values

A Brief Summary
An Innate, Proactive Morality and Ethic
Traditional Morality
Minimal Moral Duty

6.  Sustainability — Bedrock for Moral and Ethical Decision-Making

Illustration:  Sustainability, Two Types
The Durations of Existence
The Durations of Sustaining
Brief Summary

Part 2

Designing Seven Socially Sustaining Social Institutions

7.  Sustainable Families, the Fabric of Sustainable Societies

Families — The Sustainers of Our Species, and the Fountainhead of сommunities, Societies, and Civilization
Clinics  for  Sustainable  Families
Clinics for Sustainable Families, Epigenesis, And Social Transcendence
Best Practices of Child Rearing and Parenting
Best Practices Inquiry
Where Biologic Epigenesis Comes into Play
Where Social Epigenesis Comes into Play, and “Transcending the Failed History of all Societies”

8. Finance and the Economy

The Moral and Ethical Obligations and Responsibilities of Finance and the Economy to the Nation
Crimes Against Humanity
Values, Morality, Ethics, and Priorities of Decision-Making
Illustration:  The “Hope Continuum”

9. Public Education’s Moral Obligation to Co-Create a Socially Sustainable Nation

Public Education’s Moral Obligation And Co-Responsibility with the Family Intentions of Public Education In a Socially Sustainable Society
The Values of Public Education
Educational Organizations’ Priorities of Decision-Making In a Socially Sustainable Society
Illustration:  Priorities of Decision-Making in a Socially Sustainable Society
Preparing Public Education and Parents for an Uncertain Future

10. Health Care

Moral and Ethical Obligations and Co-Responsibilities
Health Care and the Primary Value of EQUALITY
The Seven Values of Socially Sustaining Health Care
Moral Priorities of Health Care Decision-Making
Designing a National Health Care System

11. Justice

Moral and Ethical Obligations and Responsibilities of Justice
Setting the Standards, Vision, and Intensions For all of Justice
Seven Values as They Relate to Justice
Priorities of Decision-Making
In the Organizational Context

12.  Religion

Seven Values, Morality and Ethics, and Religious Contributions to the Sustainability of Societies

13.  Democratic Governance

The First Intention
The Second Intention
A One-Sentence Intention for Any Democratic Nation
The Learning Organization
Discern This Closely
The Three Stages of Democracy
Distinguishing Features of a Stage 2 Democracy
Stage 3, An Evolved Form of Democracy
Learning to Adapt to Changing Conditions
Moving from Inflexible Social Systems

Part 3

Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations

14.  The Design Team Process

Design Team Process
Sources of Knowledge and Wisdom
Initiating a Local Community Design Team
First Meeting
Team Building
Social Sustainability Design Team Roles
Roles, Functions, and Qualifications of Team Members
The Art of Inquiry, Reflective Thinking, and Discernment

15.  About the Schematic

About the Schematic
A Framework For Validating Social Sustainability
The Schematic, the Team, and the Mischief of Assumptions
The Process of Revealing Hidden Assumptions
Techniques for Working the Schematic and Moral Compass
Exploration Tactics by the Team
Illustration:  Social Sustainability Design and Validation Schematic
Illustration:  FINDINGS
An Experiential Exercise Using the Schematic
An Experiential Exercise Using the Schematic’s Methodology To Address a Moral Question
An Experiential Workshop Training Exercise
Process and Growth of Team Members
The Process of Achieving Peace
A Broader Understanding of Design Team Contributions


Restoring the Greatness of American Democracy And The “Trump-Kavanaugh” Phenomenon