Part 3 - Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations

Part 3 provides the venue that addresses the work to be done that is given in Part 2. Doing so will restore the greatness of democratic nations by once again involving local community citizens more directly in their own governance in this new element of the democratic process.

Chapter 14, The Design Team Process, (p. 133), provides readers with a detailed explanation for the process of Local Community Design Teams, their operation, and how they can be immensely useful to the resolution of local-to-national social, political, and governmental situations and problems; and a highly effective new element of the democratic process that brings the public into a more personal and immediate relationship with political elections, candidate selection, and many more. The Design Team is a “learning organization” that has the potential to “bend the culture” of democracy toward social stability and peace.

Chapter 15, About the Schematic, (p. 155), provides a procedural format for designing a topic, for example a social service policy or political campaign plank, to conform to the proactive morality and ethics that emanate from the seven innate values of our species. It is as useful to dissect an existing policy, statute, or executive order as being moral and ethical, or not.

The combination of the Design Team and the Schematic provides a uniform process for the Team with the outcome often coming from the synergism of the interaction of team members in the Design Team Process.

Conclusions, (p. 189). For those who enjoy the predictions of futurist writers, the conclusions already seem obvious — all developed democratic nations and societies are being faced with the contemporary difficulties of numerous revolving crises. The bloat of human global population is being felt around the world and is and will cause more and more humanitarian crises. The existential moral question is this, “Do we ‘take the bullet’ to make those tough moral decisions that are required for a nation to move toward social sustainability, or do we ‘take the bullet’ as it flies to the heart and soul of our democracy and deny the necessity of making those tough decisions on behalf of all future generations who would suffer otherwise?”